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Mission Opportunities

Friesen Center for Service & Experiential Learning

Quite simply, the purpose of our mission opportunities is to provide life-changing, Christ-centered mission experiences for our students. Each year we offer challenging and educational global adventures, targeted to the needs and capabilities of our college students. By crossing borders of race and culture, and by placing students outside their comfort zones, we find something wonderful happens: God gets their attention! Without the distractions of everyday life, God uses our mission opportunities to work in the lives of our students. 

It was the prophet Isaiah who said, "Here I am, send me." Many students have uttered those same words in preparation for what God is planning to do in their lives. A number of Huntington students have found our mission opportunities one way to affirm the divine call placed on their lives. Others have found these trips to be a great place to explore their possibilities. 

Mission trips are offered at different times during the year. Some are scheduled during our J-term (January Term) and are usually offered for academic credit. Others trips take place during the summer, spring break, or special times during the year.

Friesen Center for Service & Experiential Learning

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Available Mission Trips

Fall Break

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Spring Break

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Summer Break

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